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Anita Scruggs, Reclaiming Individuality Through Entrepreneurship

Anita Scruggs – Founder of Curlz & Curves

I’m Anita Scruggs,  the founder and managing member of Curlz & Curves LLC, a graphic design and digital marketing company specializing in the success of female entrepreneurs. (As featured in VMH Magazine)

After leaving my job in the pharmaceutical industry, I completely devoted my time as a mom and wife.  The outcome was a complete loss of self care.   After learning that my son had a disability, someone had to be readily available for appointments and various responsibilities for him.  Since my husband’s income covered our bills, it made sense for me to leave work.  I recall being questioned by superiors as if the care of my child was negotiable. I know all working  moms have faced this situation… it’s a hopeless feeling.   Ultimately, I made the sacrifice and quit my job to stay home.

Slowly, things started to improve for my family. My son made remarkable progress in school and began reaching milestones that we were told to not even look forward to.  My husband and I lived a comfortable life as his career advanced.  I was happy with “my life”.  I became happy with what I thought I was supposed to be doing… putting my family first.  As time went on, things slowly changed.  I was taking care of everyone in the house and killing my own identity in the process.   I started wanting more but I constantly battled  myself because of the thought.  How could I be so selfish?  I have everything I need and it’s still not enough?  It’s really simple… You can’t take care of anyone until you take care of you. Moms can have their own life and still take care of their family.

I began working from home as a network marketer, which forced me to create my own marketing materials to stand out in the saturated market.  Soon I began helping others with the visual aspect of their brands, and I grew a passion for it!  I learned DAILY. I challenged myself. I took on projects that I had no idea how to do, just so that I could learn.  I started my business with a freelance job creating digital digital flyers which transitioned to creating media for a political campaign in less than 6 months.  I now provide marketing and design services to a wide range of business owners.  My services include but are not limited to standard digital and print graphic design, website development,  social media marketing consulting, and DIY custom tutorials.

The mission of Curlz & Curves LLC is to motivate all women, especially stay at home moms, to pursue their passion guilt free.  I start my consultation calls with a question of purpose. I am most interested in why the brand I am working on has been started. I reintroduced myself to myself, and I encourage every woman I work with to do the same.   I reclaimed my individuality through self accountability, along with the help of entrepreneurship.  I hope to be a source of inspiration to those alike.

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