Ayanna Gregory Chronicles Historical Events in One Woman Show

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by Vikki Jones|

Ayanna Gregory tours on an exceptional one woman play, one that evokes reflection, laughter, dance and change. With a father, Dick Gregory, that’s celebrated as a comedian and activist, she is The Daughter of the Struggle.

With the opportunity to experience the play, Ayanna’s performance recounts true-to-life, historical scenes from her childhood, which, at times calls for the personalities of others. Her siblings, grandmothers from civil rights marches and global admirers of her father reflect her talent and physical skills; for the play is not a short skit.

After receiving a standing ovation for her performance, Ayanna had this to say on her energy, feelings and why she performs.

“The first thing I feel in my body, I feel a good tired, because I gave it all up on the floor. So, its the feeling of being on a high where your body is trying to catch up with your spirit. I feel blessed; I feel surrounded by my father right now. I feel his vibration; I felt him before I came down those steps and I looked up and I was like ‘you got me Daddy…got your Daughter.’”

“It feels good (to perform the play). It feels right, it heals me. It’s a part of my own healing process first and foremost. I took what Daddy said to heart, when he said, ‘my gifts were to be used to help my environment better then I found it. I believed him when he said that.”

Side note to everyone: Ayanna sings beautifully.

In attendance were Comedian/Actor Chris Tucker, Pastor Bernice King, Author/Advocate Garry L. Jones and a host of other notable figures.

Ayanna Photo Credit: Vikki Jones
Tearful Performance Photo Credit: Vikki Jones
Ayanna’s Performance Photo Credit: Vikki Jones


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