Body Positive Dolls, Beautiful Blessings Promote Self-Esteem

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Interview Conducted by Vikki Jones|

Congratualtions on beautiful blessings such beautiful dolls!
Deborah is a powerful leader…

VMH: You have an excellent product for young girls and women through well-dressed dolls, what is your goal/message do you aim to convey?

R. James: No matter your circumstances, ALL girls and women are BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS!  The message is based on no matter your size, no matter your ethnicity or any issue, you ARE a BEAUTIFUL BLESSING.
VMH: What is your inspiration behind the dolls and the tagline ‘I am a beautiful blessing’; why dolls versus a different product?
R. James: Most girls and some women love dolls.  I know doll collectors and plenty of little girls who LOVE dolls.  It was the best way to convey the message at a young age.  As these little girls grow into women, hopefully the message will stay with them helping them to be confident women.  There are women who carry insecurities that started in their childhood.  Hopefully, women can also receive this message and have high self-esteem.
VMH: On the production side of the dolls, how difficult or easy was it for you to manufacture Beautiful Blessings?
R. James: As with any product, production always has it’s own challenges.
VMH: When I look at these dolls I see curves, shape and stylish clothing do you feel there’s a breakdown in our society in how young girls and women should look?  
Mary is a woman full of miracles.
R. James: Yes, I do feel that there is a breakdown in our society based “impossible” media images.  Start loving yourself from the inside and that BEAUTY will radiate on the outside.  The dolls have a “natural” shape of a woman.  The fashions are elegant and there are some surprises in regards to wardrobe in the near future.
VMH: Regarding marketing and getting the word out what has been your greatest challenge and how have you overcome it?  
R. James: I have been marketing and I have been blessed in regards to the acceptance of Beautiful Blessings.
VMH: For others that are looking to start a company what would be your greatest piece of advice for them?
R. James: Diligence and Consistency are the keys to success.  Starting a business is not EASY and it requires patience, hard-work and faith.  It’s not how you start but how you finish that determines your strength.
VMH: Your ultimate vision for Beautiful Blessing and how can people learn more?
R. James: The best instrument for learning about Beautiful Blessings is  The ultimate vision for Beautiful Blessings is to encourage positivity and to see Beautiful Blessings grow.  There is a lot of information on the site and more to come.  The video details the “why” for the inception of the Beautiful Blessings Doll Collection.  Beautiful Blessings is also on Facebook and Instagram.  Also, there are several press releases on the website.


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