Many families have a single debit or credit card shared among several individuals, including teens and college students who may lose track of purchases, buy from unsecured websites, or access money without clearing the amount with parents. These problems may do more than cause friction in the family; they canRead More →

With all the talk about smart technology and connected homes, you may be wondering why you should take notice. After all, it is not that difficult or inconvenient to turn your lights on and off. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), smart technology is not just about convenience. ItRead More →

More than a third of speakers at Collision 2018  are women, organisers said. The percentage of female speakers has risen to 35% across its diverse stages. This is a 60% increase from Collision 2017. Tech industry events typically have around 20% female speakers. There is a total of 400 speakersRead More →

Best new TV shows and movies to watch now (Family Features) It seems that friends, neighbors and family members are always asking each other what they’re watching for entertainment. While network TV provides tried-and-true favorites and DVR seems to solve scheduling woes, there are other solutions to help you catchRead More →

Working from home is a reality for a fast-growing portion of American workers. It can add flexibility, drive higher productivity and reduce company costs related to maintaining physical facilities. However, it also comes with challenges. If you have worked from home, you have most likely encountered issues collaborating and communicatingRead More →

by Vikki Jones| Macys, JCPenny’s, and record number of long-standing businesses are closing at record paces. Folks are losing jobs, families panicking and retail workers understandably concerned about how they are going to pay their bills. So, why are longstanding retail stores falling like dominoes? Some aggressively ‘blame’ the internet,Read More →

(Family Features) One of the challenges facing small businesses today is trying to deliver the same customer experience as larger competitors. As technology advances and takes on an ever-growing role, small businesses can tap new innovations to better communicate with customers, save money and simplify operations. As small business ownersRead More →