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Christina Crawford, Mother & CEO of a Thriving Company Tells You How to Manage Life

Interview by Vikki Hankins|

Christina Crawford is both a busy mom and the CEO of the emerging international brand Bubble Pop Beauty, Crawford knows first-hand about the difficulties of meeting the demands of both work and family. From a multi-cultural background, Crawford is the President of Bubble Pop Beauty, LLC, an Atlanta-based, e-commerce hair and skincare brand designed for young female consumers. She was inspired to launch the brand by her seven-year-old daughter.   Throughout the last several years, she has learned the keys to managing both aspects of her life effectively. Here’s what Crawford had to say:

VMH: As a mother and successful entrepreneur, tell me what is your very first practice when you was in the morning?

Christina: I wake up and I take a deep breath.  I settle my thoughts and I take 5 minutes to mediate.  My morning meditation helps me to prepare for the day ahead.  I don’t have a lot of time for myself but gathering my thoughts builds my inspiration, drive and purpose for my day.

I believe that if you are going to be GREAT you must first internally be ready for the journey ahead and that only starts with self one day at a time.

VMH: How do you schedule time for yourself, while maintaining Bubble Pop Beauty, and family?

Christina: I steal time for myself and I also schedule it.  I may take 5 minutes out of my day to visit Starbucks for a moment of indulgence or get a quick mani and pedi.  I also schedule time for becoming a better version of me.  Scheduling or building me time into my everyday life is very important for my self-growth and awareness.

During these scheduled learning hours, I might read a book or take an online class.  It’s important to be a life learner so that you, your team, and your business continues to grow. Time is short and valuable and wasting time while building a brand is not allowed.  My advice is to be organized and become stingy with your time because it is a gift that is fleeting but how you use it dictates the quality of your life.

Through it all – being a mom first is important to me so I build my schedule around my kids and their activities.  Entrepreneurship is not easy by any means and it has it ups and downs but it gives me the freedom to work based on the demands of my life, allowing me to be there for my kids.

Always be strategic and focused even when it comes to time for you.

VMH: Bubble Pop Beauty, where and why was the idea born? Is it a ‘purpose-based’ company?

Christina: My daughter inspired me to start my business when she one day came home from school and simply stated “ I want to sell something.” From that moment forward, we created a beauty company with one simple premise in mind – to create products that provide simple solutions to everyday problems. It was a teachable moment for me to show my daughter that she can do anything she wants in life and not to be defined by society and its confines.

We are a company built for women by women with the simple purpose and mission of creating awesome products. We are also creating a brand with a purpose of helping women be the best versions of themselves while promoting the notion that they should define their lives and be the person they want to be in life.

VMH: As your business began to scale what was your greatest challenge and how did ‘you’ navigate through the process?

Christina: I had to overcome the fear of success and the fear of failure. I had to prepare for the ride and journey ahead.  I had to become accepting of the fact that I could create the life and brand that I had envisioned.

Then came the challenge of keeping the company afloat while we were still building our customer base.  We didn’t have a large flow of cash and I had bootstrapped it with innovation and being strategic. The challenge was how to creatively build revenue with limited funds.

Be creative and don’t let anything stop you from accomplishing your dream.

VMH: A number of millennials are looking for overnight success, how do you feel about ‘overnight’ success? Is a myth or does to literally happened overnight?

Christina Crawford, Mother/CEO of Beauty Company – (Photo Courtesy: Creative Development Agency)

Christina: Success is relative to each person because how you define success is different for everyone. Millennials have had to be creative in how they create their life because unlike our parents there were not a large selection of jobs.  In the past, you graduated from college, opened the NY Times classified section, and there were pages of job opportunities.  This is no longer the situation.  We have had to be creative with how we create income and our perspective on life.

We don’t desire to have the same type of lifestyle as our parents and work a traditional 9 to 5.  We strive to live life on our terms.  We are creating our lives so how we view success is different.  I believe that success is defining who we are and how we live our lives.

Success in terms of making money is not overnight but the steps we take to achieving our dreams are done with a GO-GETTER demeanor and attitude.

VMH: You’re in a very competitive market, beauty; give us your one piece of advice on business success in a competitive market.

Here are my Top 3 Tips:

  1. Have a focused customer base and really understand who you are marketing to to drive sales and income.

  2. Create products that fill a need and solve problems

  3. BE INNOVATIVE!  Think out of the box.

Before launching Bubble Pop Beauty, Crawford held various positions in marketing, branding,  and promotions at various corporations for more than 13 years. She holds a B.A., in Communications from New York University and an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. Originally from Washington D.C., Crawford currently lives in Atlanta. She is a fashion junkie, an avid reader, loves to travel, cook, exercise, and most importantly, spend time with her family.


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