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Crowd Invest Summit, Crowdfunding & Your Company

by Vikki Hankins|

Is crowd funding the best way to go for your startup? Alon Goren, co-founder of Crowd Invest Summit, advises company’s to “do their homework, research, and prepare” for investors at the 2017 Crowd Invest Summit. Says Goren, “If they (company) has a product or service that could be sold on the internet, it’s probably a good fit for crowd funding and the crowd invest summit.”

Most company’s understand the importance of online presence and e-commerce. If you are one of those startup enterprises that sells online you may want to give serious thought to crowd funding. With it’s newly announced sponsor – IndieGoGo, and it’s active investor participation, the 2017 Crowd Invest Summit may be your ticket!

The summit is providing ‘250 investors a ticket to attend the summit, and will provide every actively fundraising company on First Democracy VC, an equity crowdfunding portal presented by Indiegogo and MicroVentures, a presence on the expo floor.’

An added bonus:

Crowd Invest Summit, which will be keynoted by CNBC star and Billionaire Investor Marcus Lemonis, is the world’s largest event of it’s kind and will be hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles to accommodate the over 3,000 anticipated investor and entrepreneur attendees. Says, Goren of Marcus Lemonis, “He’s invested over 60 million on the tv show, not including investments outside of The Profit.”

Oftentimes company’s and investors attend summits only to return home with little to no results. Goren, who was has been in the business long before it actually became ‘crowdfunding’ had this to said, “We get results….30 active funded company’s last year.”

So what exactly is crowdfunding and  what makes the Crowd Invest Summit different from the rest? Crowdfunding is defined as the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. 

Goren, tells us what makes Crowd Invest Summit different,  “We hold our conference in a vibrant start up community in Los Angeles; we don’t focus on the regulations and the legal side (on stage). No start up cares about regulations, yes they have to know it (regulations). We fill the room with potential investors; we don’t charge the start ups (to participate). They apply and we pick the best of those startups.  Investors walk around and find a company that resonates with them; investors can invest on the spot.”

Crowd Invest Summit was developed with the vision that every American, through the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (also known as the JOBS Act), can now have access to and invest in startups and real estate deals like never before through crowdfunding.

“We’re very excited to participate in Crowd Invest Summit to give our investors and companies a venue to meet each other, as well as our team, in real life,” said Michael Hughes, Senior Director of Equity Crowdfunding at Indiegogo. “We’re very supportive of any activities that support the burgeoning equity crowdfunding industry here in the U.S.”

“We are very proud to welcome Indiegogo, a crowdfunding trailblazer for so many years and who has recently entered the equity crowdfunding space in a big way, to CIS West 2017. We share a vision of connecting companies with investors and we look forward to their participation at the conference” said Crowd Invest Summit Co-Founder Josef Holm.

Equity Crowdfunding: Opportunity for All

Prior to the JOBS Act, mostly accredited investors – those with income of $200,000 per year individually, or $300,000 with a spouse – could legally invest in private companies. Now, for the first time in more than 80 years, anyone over 18 globally is able to invest. With a recent study by the Kauffman Foundation finding that angel investments have returned an average of 27% internal rate of return (IRR), everyday Americans have started to invest in companies to support the entrepreneurs they believe in and with hopes of generating profits.

About Crowd Invest Summit

Crowd Invest Summit is the largest investment focused crowdfunding event in the country. It was founded by pioneers in the equity crowdfunding sector Josef Holm and Alon Goren. The conference was developed with the vision that every American – whether accredited or not – can now become equity investors.

Current sponsors include OTC Markets Group, Computershare, Origin Investments, RealtyMogul, Allen Matkins, RealCap, iDisclose, Issuer Direct, dbbmckennon, Stradling, New Direction IRA, Krowdster, RealtyeVest, Crowdfunding Lawyers and FundingTree.

Visit them online at For sponsorship opportunities, visit CIS Sponsors. Follow and engage with us on social media via: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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