Diversity Requires Bold Action, Cannes Lions – Thandie Newton

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by Vikki Jones|

Westworld HBO Actress, Thandie Newton along with Edward Enninful Editor of British Vogue, Tiffany R. Warren of the Omnicom group and Antonio Lucio, CMO of HP discuss diversity at Cannes Lyons festival.

Study after study confirms it. Diversity is good for business. It enhances creative output and insurance we speak to our customers with a relevant. Yet progress remains low. Here’s what Thandie Newton of Westworld HBO had this to say on the subject:

Thandie Newton (Actress), Edward Enninful (Editor-in-chief British Vogue), Tiffany R. Warren (Omnicom Group), and Antonio Lucio (CMO of HP) discuss diversity & inclusion. photo by Aliminana Christian
Antonio Lucio (CMO of HP) discuss diversity & inclusion. photo by Aliminana Christian

I was always on the outside. I was always watching, I was always learning. Because I was a child I didn’t realize why I was being left out. There was an element of ‘I’m not good enough’. But then what happened is I made myself good enough.

I kept trying to be in the popular group. I kept trying to be good enough. That has actually increased my talent, my drive and it’s ultimately turned into a good thing. And rather than being resentful of how I had to climb I feel grateful for the struggle.

Thandie Newton (Westworld HBO) photo by Aliminana Christian

Now I’m in a position where I can use my craft to break down those rules of ignorance.

Antonio Alicia says, “We all like to talk about purposeful grants And purpose is found when the mission of a company interacts a societal value. My invitation is to go deeper than purpose it’s find meaning; meaning happens when Your personal passion interacts with a company mission and that company mission interact with society. Let’s meet diversity an anchor part of our meaning in life.

“Often the marginalized or asked to make a business case for diversity. For me it’s really about let’s talk about can you make a business case for sameness. I don’t think any company in this world will sit down in a board room and talk about how sameness has made them successful.” – Tiffany R. Warren