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Does Your Team Support Your Vision?

by Vikki Hankins|

Publisher, Vikki Hankins

Does your team truly support your vision? One of many things I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is the importance of ‘team selection’. As the visionary there are a number requirements one must keep in mind when selecting a team. The most important part of the team selection process is the attribute of ‘patience’.

Such things as anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and unexpected growth can cause one to rush the selection process. Rushing to fill roles in your company is a set up for disappointments, possible failures and the oversight of self-serving individuals. Those individuals that believed in ‘you’ and stuck around to put in the work with no pay, are generally a good selection as your business takes off. So what if your vision/business is scaling and you never had anyone to believe in you? What then? How do you determine who’s best for your company and who’s not? One sure sign is if a potential hire comes in talking dollars; more than likely these are the ones to ‘jump ship’ if the business suddenly slows or runs into a bump.

Pay attention to your ‘gut feeling’. In my opinion everyone is given the ability to discern; that ‘gut-feeling’ could very well help with your team selection. Granted, gut-feelings and discernment develop over time, but there are times when warning bells go off and we choose to ignore them.

Through experience, trial and error and ‘listening’ to that gut-feeling, I’ve come very far in deciphering the people that genuinely support my vision and those that do not. One way or another when it comes superficial interest or sincere support the truth will come out.

A final point I’d like to make for leaders is knowing ‘when’ to hire. Hiring too soon ends two ways: letting staff go; or going out of business.

Be careful of hiring too soon, it can cause your financial infrastructure to cave in, not to mention the awful feeling of having to layoff individuals. It doesn’t feel good for the employer nor the employee. If your vision becomes a successful reality remember to carefully select your team!

Vikki Hankins

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