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Failure to Diagnose & Treat Prostate Cancer – Misdiagnosed

Author Garry Jones, Misdiagnosed Prostate Cancer

by Author Garry Jones|

For over a decade doctor’s failed to pinpoint the cause of my sicknesses; little did I know I was dying. This is my journey through repeated urinary tract infections, sickness and severe pains.

After visiting a medical facility with very thorough practices, the doctor’s concluded that I had prostate cancer. Jones took a moment to share his views on cancer, his approach to caring for his health and reducing the cancer fears, mortality rate, and living life after cancer:

When I first discovered that I had cancer my reaction was ‘it’s finally over with’. I say this because for eleven years I knew something was foreign inside my body that continued to cause me to become ill, but never knew why or what was going on. The news was a big weight lifted off of my shoulders. Most people would have freaked out when they heard they had cancer but during my years on earth I have dealt with bigger issues than cancer, never did I ever consider cancer to be a death sentence. My attitude was I have cancer now let me take the necessary steps get rid of it.

The reason why some people think they are going to die when their physician tells them they have been diagnosed with cancer is because it’s ingrained in our heads through television,  radio, internet, and through other people that cancer is a death sentence.  Unlike today focused was never on how you can beat cancer, the focused was on how long you have to live when you have been diagnosed with cancer. It’s normal to be afraid but it’s up to the individual to take the necessary steps to get rid of the cancer.

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We have to renew our minds from the old tradition of thinking we are going to die when we are diagnosed with cancer and replace that thinking with a positive attitude.  The quicker you accept you have cancer the closer you are to beating cancer. Remember a negative attitude and stress weakens your immune system and when you have a weak immune system your body works overtime to fight off diseases.

The best way to detect cancer is listening to your body when something doesn’t feels right. You must have regular checkups with your primary physician. The majority of times the medical field encourage patients to have screenings for cancer when they are a certain age, but I disagree with that philosophy.

Take for an example,  men are told to get their prostate examine when they are 40 years old but I began to have problems with my prostate at 36 years old. If I would have gone with the traditional way of doing things, I will probably be dead. I  was told to commenced to have regular colon screening for cancer at the age of 50. When I turned 50 I had already had five colonosophy and reason is because I began to see blood in my stool at age 39.  I decided not to wait until I turned 50 to get my colon checked,  I got my colon checked when I saw blood.

Each time I had a colonosophy the physician found polyps eventually I was diagnosed with diverticulitis,  if I would have waited until I turned 50 the polyps would have been bigger and colon cancer may have developed. I was told by one physician If polyps was found I should come in for a colonosophy every five years, I told the physician I wasn’t going to wait five years to come back if I’m bleeding .

There are several measures one can can take to detect cancer, first you have to listen to your body and if you feel as though something is not right on the inside although the x-ray shows nothing is going on you should get 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions. When I went to the doctor for a 4th opinion that’s when they discovered I had cancer. I’m a true believer if you implement green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet and exercise on a regular basis you can eliminate a lot of illnesses. Last but not least try to keep a positive attitude when you are sick. A negative attitude will destroy you mentally and physically.

According to the National Institute of Cancer, ‘In the United States, the overall cancer death rate has declined since the early 1990s. The most recent Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, published in March 2016, shows that from 2003 to 2012, cancer death rates decreased by:

1.8 percent per year among men
1.4 percent per year among women
2.0 percent per year among children ages 0-19

Although death rates for many individual cancer types have also declined, rates for a few cancers have stabilized or even increased.

As the overall cancer death rate has declined, the number of cancer survivors has increased. These trends show that progress is being made against the disease, but much work remains. Although rates of smoking, a major cause of cancer, have declined, the U.S. population is aging, and cancer rates increase with age. Obesity, another risk factor for cancer, is also increasing.

Healthy lifestyles, paying attention to your body along with regularly scheduled screenings, aid in early cancer detection.


Retired Lieutenant Garry L. Jones is one of millions of Americans to experience a misdiagnosis. Due to unbearable pain, for over a decade Jones repeatedly visited a number of doctors seeking answers to the root cause of his suffering.  Had it not been for his persistence and determination to find a doctor who cared enough to find the problem. he would not be alive to help others. Jones was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His book Patient-vs-Doctor, Misdiagnosis is on

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