Is Anybody Listening?

Is Anybody Listening?

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by Dr. Belinda Ross|

Let’s admit it, we are all afraid. Children cannot go to school, we can’t shop in the malls and grocery stores, we can’t eat in a restaurant, we can’t go to a concert or movie, we can’t drive on the freeways, we can’t sleep comfortably in our homes, WE CANNOT GO TO CHURCH without fear that someone will invade our territory and freely take a gun and end our lives. What happened? Where did we go wrong?

Unfortunately there are too many jokes about mental illness and ultimate denial. There is an alarming sense of arming ourselves with weapons not even knowing who our enemies are. If we think guns will combat the ills of this nation, we are sadly wrong.

Is anybody really listening? As children of the recent shootings where seventeen were killed and other children across the nation take a stand to get their voices heard, some school districts are considering punishing them for crying out in pain.

Who cares about policy? They should be applauded and supported in every way. We may not see all of the physical scars but the emotional scars will last a lifetime. My God, what do we have to look forward to?

It is my hearts belief that as much as this country proposes “IN GOD WE TRUST”, it is only on a green piece of paper. We have not demonstrated that tone in all that we preach and truly left it out in what we teach. We are so afraid to acknowledge the real power of a Godly nation and I don’t mean a “Ritual” nation. A ritual is a procedure. Godliness is a process of a soul searching experience. God cannot be left out of any plan to change this face of destruction

We must dig deep into our heart of hearts and stand for what is good and right. We don’t have to die this way. We don’t have to suffer this way.