Luxury Men’s Fashion New Innovative ‘French Threads’

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Interview Conducted by Vikki Jones|

Jonathan French cultivated Jon Austin Custom Clothier out of the desire to provide customers a luxury fashion experience, while inspiring others to become successful.

Mr. French, Thank you for speaking with me. 

V. Jones: You have a unique business that caters to luxury, customized fashion for men, tell me about the company and how it works?

Jonathan French: French Thread is a mobile, convenient luxury men’s experience. I decided that it should be easy to be fitted for a suit. My business is based on the model of convenience and flexibility for my clients.

V. Jones: Why this line of business, how did you get started?

Jonathan French: French Thread was born out of the desire to offer an affordable alternative to luxury men’s fashion. We started offering men’s ties and accessories at affordable prices on our website and now it is home to “Jon Austin Custom Clothier” at

V. Jones: Fashion is a robust market with lot’s of competition, what’s been your greatest challenge in ‘standing out’ (marketing) along the way? How did you overcome it?

Jonathan French: I soon realized there was a market of professionals that could benefit from a mobile, convenient service. I do all the fittings myself in the comfort of your home or office. Along with the fitting and measurements, I help pair the suit with accessories such as neckties, pocket squares, and lapel pins.

V. Jones: When I think of custom fitting, I think of measurements, sizing, etc. You have an innovative way of customizing mens fashion how do you work out the details of accessory request?

Jonathan French: I bring the store to the client. Soon after French Thread launched I wanted to create an all-inclusive service. My Custom Label “Jon Austin” was born. We walk you through the whole process of suit, and shirt fitting, selecting the material, paring accessories to complete the desired look.

V. Jones: What advice do you have for others looking to get into luxury fashion?

Jonathan French: If I could give any advice it would be “Find something that sets you apart”. The market is saturated with designers and e-commerce stores so you need a way to stand out. I started knocking on doors, visiting offices and business centers, and I still do. I sell an experience and a lifestyle. We want to help you accomplish success.

V. Jones: Preachers Collection? What’s the preacher’s collection and how did you come up with this collection?

Jonathan French: I am apart of my local church “Apostolic Tabernacle”, and meet local pastors and preachers all the time. The Preachers Collection is simply an assortment of items from that they chose. It represents our support of ministry and the value we place on them.

V. Jones: So what can we expect from French Threads in the near future?

Jonathan French: My vision of French Thread’s future is to offer an even larger array of services and products such as belts, footwear, and more. My goal is to be a common name among Georgia’s professionals.

V. Jones: Any comments on entrepreneurship and passion?

Jonathan French: If you want something you must go get it. If you desire to start any business, you half to start somewhere. There will never be a perfect time. The perfect opportunity will not come knocking, you must go make it happen.