Mindset, The Economy and Internet of Things

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by Vikki Jones|

Macys, JCPenny’s, and record number of long-standing businesses are closing at record paces. Folks are losing jobs, families panicking and retail workers understandably concerned about how they are going to pay their bills.

So, why are longstanding retail stores falling like dominoes? Some aggressively ‘blame’ the internet, technology, people like Mark Zuckerburg, entity’s like Amazon or financial systems like PayPal. But are they to blame, or does the ‘fault’ lay with traditional thinking and traditional methods of conducting business.

The internet has opened a wave of opportunity for oppressed innovative thinkers that longed to have a hand in sales, creativity and inventions. Born out of super zealous ambition Facebook along with Twitter, Snapchat, Google, LinkedIn connects the globe in ways that were once unheard of and a record speed. Place these platforms at the fingertips of entrepreneurial spirits and out pops competitors for brick and martyr stores, on an entry level basis. Ideas no longer oppressed, gatekeepers pushed aside and confusion on the chief financial officer level for long-standing big business.

What we have here is the rise and fall of two very powerful forces – David and Goliath.

When you have an untouchable mindset, it’s at this point that you begin to fail; it may not be so evident at first, but as time professes onlookers are able to see the failure. In the sales department, general managers can’t determine why the quota is not met and why their local store location is threatened with closure.

Traditional thinking never wins in a rapidly evolving climate. When an executive is stubbornly set on making an old system work in a 21st century tech-savvy world, it sets everyone beneath them up for failure, i.e. job loss.

Time has always emerged new ways of watching movies, communication or paying bills; the same is true in business. Personally, I love some of the traditional practices in retail, however I recognize the limitations it’s placed on regular folks searching for employment and the discouragement of ideals. With that said I’ve embraced simple, unique and less time-consuming ways of shopping and doing business. Removed are those that told me ‘no’, obsolete are those that felt ‘it can’t be done’ and open are the gates for opportunity.

The economy is much more productive as a result of new ways of doing business that further involve community improvement, social change and small enterprises with ‘heart’. I applaud everyone who has an idea, puts into motion and succeeds as a result of tools such as Facebook, Etsy or a personal website.

The mindsets and old way of thinking that, at times, yield resentment towards social media, technology and e-commerce have to open and invite innovators. It’s rough for old habits/thinking to die but I’d rather let go of a thinking pattern than to see those around me perish financially. It’s never to late to learn new things, it’s called life. No matter one’s age, upbringing or familiarity when you open your mind, you open a world outside of yourself, allowing new things to enter, which ultimately effect those around you – the economy.

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