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Van Jones – ‘Untapped Genius, Brilliance & Wisdom’ Ready to Work

Written by Vikki Jones|

The face of the formerly incarcerated has changed. Businessmen and women dressed in suits, smartphones in tow and ready to work is what this body of people has brought to society. Strong work ethics, family support and extraordinarily strength and resilience is what the greater majority offers employers.

Hosted by DKB Foundation, the second chance summit with guest Van Jones (CNN commentator) and Sir Richard Branson (owner of Virgin Atlantic) shared their input on the ‘bonus’ of hiring those with criminal backgrounds.

Said Van Jones, “We are throwing away genius, we are throwing away brilliance, we are throwing away insight, we are throwing away wisdom by not allowing people who have made mistakes and got caught – and we all make mistakes, but we don’t all get caught – by not allowing them to make their gifts and contributions available to the world.”



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