Wealth, You Have What It Takes to Be Rich


by Vikki Hankins-Jones|

..your mind, your talent, belief, investing, developing a system and narrowing your target audience/market will get you where you should be.


Wealth; how is it obtained? Is it for a select group of people or does everyone have access to the finer things in life?

It is my belief that tools are available ‘for’ everyone, but not ‘to’ everyone. What I mean by this is that ‘tools’ such as computers, books, technology, information is out there ‘free’ to use. Inventions are not invented exclusively for one group of people, but instead for people period. The issue with ‘tools’ involves affordability, knowing/learning, researching and prioritizing.

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Starting out as a book publisher my work has evolved and placed me in a position of teaching, business savvy people how to capitalize on there natural abilities. People from all walks of life, some of which live in poverty land on my doorstep. Believe it or not, some of them have skills that can make them very, very wealthy but they simply don’t know how to use them or need to improve their mindset.

Which brings me back to my original topic – wealth.

You have what it takes to make you rich – your mind, your talent, belief, investing, developing a system and narrowing your target audience/market will get you where you should be.

Calculated steps, removing distractions and thinking ahead not just ‘in the moment’, are also core ingredients to stronger finances. Trending items, such as purses, watches and a nice car are all good, but is it the best investment as you build? Let’s say you own and operate a growing e-commerce company selling fashion designed by you, do you:

  • purchase more fabric for a critical upcoming fashion show to display your designs?
  • purchase a new car that you’ve been eye-balling?

Investing in building your company/wealth would be to purchase more fabric for the upcoming fashion show that aids in branding, visibility and more interest/buyers of your work. Whereas, the car is great and you should have it, however, you must remember ‘timing’. If you are in the building stage and have not generated enough capital to feel comfortable, it’s best not to buy that new car just yet. The time will come for you to live comfortably, if not wealthy.

I am aware of the fact that a number of people are born into poverty, but the list is endless of those with ambition that are now very, very wealthy who were also born into poverty. These people set the example on ‘tools; available for everyone, whether we make it a goal to find and learn how to use the tools is where the problem lay.

I had to use $50 from a friend to start my first company as a fictitious name (least expensive registration), but I dug deep to learn, find the resources I needed to grown and refused to spend money on frivolous things such as the latest fashion. More important to me was investing my earnings in equipment/technology that would produce more money. Along with strategic thinking, developing my skills and testing what works and what doesn’t work, I’ve successfully grown my company. Bootstrapping all the way, I know from first hand experience, everyone has what it takes to live a financially comfortable life.

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