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Why Men Feel Women Should Take a Backseat

by Vikki Hankins|

The idea that men feel superior to women boils down to two key elements: control and power. Why most men feel they are superior to women, I am not completely certain. However, I do believe that it dates back to teachings, practices, and traditions that centered on oppression more than liberation. Recently, Halle Berry, Michelle Rodriguez, and a host of other female celebrities have spoken out on this issue of diversity and inclusion, yet it seems silent powers insist on resisting equality.

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Not long ago, the prominent thought process amongst men was that women lived to wash clothes, cook meals, and have babies. It was practically unheard of for women to have a career at all, let alone become leaders in the world. I think of Hillary Clinton and some of the ugly comments that poured in from men around the world during the latest presidential elections. They refused to consider having a woman in office. I am not for or against Clinton’s politics; however, I have an interest because I am fully aware of the force to “keep women out” of places of power.

So, why do men feel far superior? Why do they believe that, somehow, they are the only ones capable of prosperity and leadership? It is my belief that men feel the need to dominate, control, and overpower women because of ideals stemming from the scripture. Clearly the Bible and its stories aim to guide mankind and give us practical tips for living a life of fulfillment. In the event that we encounter hardships, it teaches us how to handle them in a non-destructive way.

Men have taken the principles in the scripture—especially when it comes to households—and applied them in a very extreme, if not oppressive, way. Along with these extreme applications came the “Do as I say” and “I am your leader” mentality. In my opinion, men, over time, have adopted the attitude that women are the weaker, brainless gender. Many of them feel that women are unable to stand their ground and incapable of making their own decisions. The scripture was not put in place to control, dominate, enslave, or brainwash others, but it appears to have had the opposite effect.

It goes without saying that, physically, most men are stronger, but, for the sake of argument, my focus is on behavior, intellect, and how human beings have control over their own lives. Another key belief is that women were made for sexual pleasures and having babies, an idea which dates back thousands of years. Unfortunately, some men still have the same mindset.

In a male-dominated world, it appears that the lack of inclusion or equality continues to be at the forefront of how men think about women. As a result, we see inequality in the workplace, politics, entertainment, relationships, and more. This idea rings true even in the cream of the crop: Hollywood. Halle Berry and Michelle Rodriguez had no choice but to stand up when they were treated differently from their male counterparts. On a personal note, I must deal with the mindset of many men in my field, which requires me, as a woman, to work harder and smarter just to be seen as equal.





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